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Entrenar en bicicleta en Invierno y no morir en el intento

Train by bike in Winter and not die trying


Giving up to the cold of winter is never an option!

If you are an amateur or professional cyclist, winter does not have to be an impediment to cycling.

If you know how to choose your clothing appropriately, the cold will not prevent you from achieving your goals.

Today we will show you how to dress to train on the coldest days:

The secret is to choose the ideal clothing with cycling jackets, thermal t-shirts, long tights and merino wool socks.

We are sure that with these tips you will be able to dress and train safely and comfortably throughout the winter. Get ready so that the cold doesn't limit your cycling races!

In winter, the right clothing is essential to enjoy a safe and comfortable bike ride.

To stay warm and dry during your bike rides, you need to dress properly.

Includes a winter bike jacket, long tights, thermal shirt and merino wool socks.

Choose a winter jacket made of wind-resistant materials and a waterproof membrane. These jackets will keep you warm even when the temperature drops below freezing.

Long tights will give you warmth and freedom of movement. Choose a model made with an elastic fabric so that it fits better to your body. You can even find them with treatments on the fabric to repel water and get extra protection against inclement weather.

A thermal shirt is the basic garment for every cyclist who wants to ride in winter. These t-shirts retain the heat that you generate and prevent the cold from penetrating your body.

Lastly, merino wool socks will prevent your feet from getting cold. These socks keep you warm, soft and breathable at the same time.

In addition, there is a garment that absolutely should be in every cyclist's closet, the windproof vest .

It is a garment that takes up almost no space, since it can be folded and stored in a pocket, and it can get you out of a lot of trouble.

Use it first thing in the morning to get extra warmth while you have not yet started to generate heat, save it when you notice the temperature increasing and use it again when you are going to go down a hill or stop.

Each of these elements will keep you warm and comfortable during your bike rides. Stay warm and enjoy the experience of winter cycling!

At Bikearea we take it very seriously that you can enjoy your bicycle whatever the weather, which is why we have a wide range of garments adapted for all types of needs.

I invite you to take a look at our collection of winter clothing, always with the guarantee that a great brand like Gobik can offer, just by clicking on the image below.


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